“Best Part of Me (tHE rEMIXES)” by Madison Olds x FALL or FLIGHT
Directed by aBSTR^CT
Produced by tHE sYNDICATE
Visuals by fuschia.blue (odawni), Earthquake Today, Rebel.Designer, and aBSTR^CT
VIDEO CHAPTERS: 1 Best Part of Me (cELESTIAL vARIANT): 00:0004:39
2 Best Part of Me (eSCAPE vELOCITY vARIANT): 04:4006:35
3 Best Part of Me (dARK mATTER vARIANT): 06:3610:30
4 Best Part of Me (gALAXYWAVE vARIANT): 10:3114:16

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